Home Theater and Media Room Packages

Everyone's lifestyle is different and we understand this. Our normal process is to meet with you, look at your space and determine your exact needs for the vision you have in mind. We've designed these packages for homeowners looking to add a theater or media room but don't want to go through the hassle of trying to figure out a budget based on getting quotes.

These are a for lack of a better term good, better, best / really awesome theater system ideas.

In the system below the screen size is 120", we know that not everybody has that much room designated for their space. We can customize that or we can swap it out for an excellent 4K TV if needed.


Big screen on a budget.

The system was designed for the guy that just wants a big screen to watch sports on and hang out with his friends. This system includes 120" standard matte screen with a vibrant 1080p projector. A 5.1 surround sound system. All the speakers are in-ceiling and come with a 200-watt sub to finish out. We will integrate the homeowner's cable box disc player and Media Player devices into the system with a new simple all-in-one touchscreen remote.

Cost $5,500

Download “Big screen on a budget” Big-screen-on-a-budget.pdf – Downloaded 83 times – 412 KB


Today's Media Room.

This system is very similar to the big screen on a budget, but you step up to a 4K projector with the same screen. Since all modern-day movies are mastered in it least 7 Channel surround sound, We've upgraded the audio system from a 5.1 to a 7.1 system. We have also upgraded the speakers from the standard contractor grade to ELAC by Andrew Jones in-ceiling speakers. We have also given a generous boost to the subwoofer. This system includes a thousand watt subwoofer. Same as before will integrate your cable box disc player and media player device into the system with a simple to use Touch Screen remote control. However, this remote control will start the foundation of building into more of a home automation system should you choose so in the future.

Cost $9,600

Download “Today's Media Room.” Todays-Media-Room..pdf – Downloaded 133 times – 414 KB


The movie-phile home theater.

This is a system that was designed for the best of both movie aficionado and audiophiles. Some major upgrades have taken place in this system. First of all the screen has been upgraded to a 125" cinemascope, light rejection, Zero Edge screen. On to this, a JVC DLA 4K projector will be calibrated. JVC projectors are renowned for their color accuracy. The audio system has some major upgrades with Definitive Technology Tower left and right speakers with active subwoofers built in. Definitive Technology Center Channel speaker. Four Definitive Technology in-wall surround bipole speakers. Four in-ceiling Definitive Technology speakers for the dolby atmos channels. This is a true 7.2.4 system. Same as and all the rest of the systems we will integrate your cable box Blu-ray disc player and media streaming device into the system with a Simple Touch Screen remote that starts the platform for a full home automation system.


Cost $19,600

Download “The movie-phile system.” The-movie-phile-system-1.pdf – Downloaded 122 times – 415 KB

All of these systems above are based upon real systems and can be integrated into any home. These Systems can be installed in an unfinished basement. They can be added to or taken away from. If you have an existing finished basement, we can still do the same systems, but we're going to need to cut a lot of drywall to run the cables where they need to run. Please keep this in mind. Please also keep in mind that we are an Athens / Atlanta-based company. We do serve customers all over the Southeast, but none of these systems above include travel costs.