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WiFi and Network System


We design IT systems you do not have to think about!  With systems in place that if something should go wrong redundancy kicks in and your back online. We want to be the last IT company you call,

Affordable Business VoIP Phone Service


Enjoy business VoIP phone service packed with features to help your company become more efficient, mobile, and productive.
Custom Phone Numbers
Video Conferencing
User Extensions
Auto Receptionist
Find-Me Follow-Me

Structured Cabling


Are you building out a new office? Maybe you just need a data line for a new copier. Structured Cabling is the hart of a business Voice Data Video and Audio system. We go the extra mile to make sure your systems run at peak performance today and in the future. 

Virtual Hosted Desktops

Your Office – Available Anytime, Anywhere!

Cloud computing is the future of business. It empowers you to access files and applications from anywhere. It automates processes and boosts productivity. It keeps your critical data protected against the unexpected. It reduces the expense of managing your IT infrastructure. And, it can be easily tailored to meet both your specifications and your budget.

Security Cameras Systems


Keep an eye on your business from any where in the world. You have to see the new smart tracking camera demo that can follow objects automatically. 

Computer Systems


Stop going to best buy or office depot and buying computers with a lot for bolt ware pre-loaded. We can outfit your office with new system that will last longer then the big box store. 

Audio and Video Solutions


Common Sense Audio, Video, Control and Digital Signage systems.  We have you covered from boardrooms to theaters. 

Data Backup


Business Backup is the solution for ensuring your company’s data is backed up. Business Backup enables you to backup your employee computers as well as your Server / NAS Devices. Our Business platform centralizes billing and administration, empowering you to manage your team’s backup needs.

Can we help you at home?

Our common sense design and solutions goes beyond the work place, Let us make your home work as smooth as your office. contact us today so we can talk about your needs, wants, and problems. We can then find a solution that fits your life style!

Awesome Financing Options

TAMCO Shield® is a subscription-based payment model for all of your technology equipment needs. TAMCO Shield is not a lease. It is different from every other payment option available because it provides you with added protection and flexibility unforeseen anywhere else on the market.

Technology is meant to make you more efficient and profitable, but when you own the technology, you own the added responsibility of it holding you back in the event that something goes wrong or it no longer fits your needs. TAMCO Shield allows organizations to focus on operating and using the technology while it is useful. And relieves you from the burden of owning outdated obsolete technology. 

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Georgia Media Systems is a passionate Atlanta technology company! We love serving people! Our unique commonsense approach to is second to none. We learn how you and your company work. Then build systems around your needs. Georgia Media Systems will give you the best possible and yet still keep in mind the budget.  

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